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Welcome to LoneStar.com website and email redirection service for this domain.

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Lone Star InfoSystems

Founded 15 years ago, this domain has well served our organization.  Due to popularity of the name lonestar, we have decided to make it available for others to prospectively benefit from this unique domain name. 

How it works

Suppose your company is a taxi company and you have a website:  http://lonestartaxi.yourisp.com.  Your email addresses are sales001@yourisp.com and john001@yourhomeisp.com.  We can provide a simple, easy to use sub-domain and email for your needs.  Suppose you choose "taxi" as your sub-domain.  Your address for your website could be "taxi.lonestar.com" and email could be sales@taxi.lonestar.com, and service@taxi.lonestar.com.  We simply redirect your sub-domain to your existing website address.  Also your email addresses can go to any email mailbox you currently use. 

The advantages

Your website address and email will not change for your customers, even if you change websites, email mailboxes, or ISPs.  We will make the changes to accommodate your websites, email and/or ISPs, and these changes will remain invisible to your customers and prospects who are using your new "xxxx.lonestar.com" address.  Whenever you change internet providers, you typically will find it necessary to notify everyone who may want to communicate with you, about the new addresses, a hassle at minimum.  If your former ISP also operated your domain, you will likely have the additional hassle of transferring the domain to your new ISP, and restructuring again.  In a worst case, the ISP may actually own your domain name as part of the operating agreement, and not let you take it with you.

With our service none of that matters.  You can move your site from place to place and, with us doing the redirection for you, no one else need never know.

Test Trial

Click on this link which is test.lonestar.com and you can observe how it could work for IBM.


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